Obama Blames Antipathy Toward Government for Flint Water Crisis

Widespread water contamination in Flint, Michigan, was a “man-made disaster” brought about in part by a political preference for small government, President Barack Obama in a visit on Wednesday to the city.

In a speech to about 1,000 residents, Obama urged them to resist assumptions that their children have been permanently harmed by consuming water with lead, and blamed “a mindset that believes that less government is the highest good, no matter what.” He didn’t mention Michigan’s Republican governor, Rick Snyder, who addressed the audience earlier and professes the virtues of smaller government. Snyder has borne much of the blame for the contamination.

“I do not believe that anybody consciously wanted to hurt the people in Flint, and this is not the place to sort every screw-up that resulted in contaminated water,” Obama said. “This myth that government is always the enemy — that forgets that our government is us, that it’s an extension of us, ourselves. That attitude is as corrosive to democracy as the stuff that resulted in lead in your water.”

Prior to Obama’s remarks, Snyder was booed as he publicly apologized to the same audience for the mishaps that led to the contamination. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette on April 20 charged two state officials and one city official with felonies related to the contamination. (Read more from “Obama Blames Antipathy Toward Government for Flint Water Crisis” HERE)

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