Watch: Tom Cotton Eviscerates Harry Reid on Senate Floor for ‘Cancerous’ Leadership

Senator Tom Cotton (B, 80%) took to the floor of the Senate today and ripped apart the “bitter, vulgar, incoherent ramblings” of Senate Democrat Minority Leader Harry Reid (F, 2%).

Reid (D-NV) has been saying the bill, sponsored by Sen. John McCain, was “written in the dark of night” and has been “grinding the Senate to a halt all week long” saying there hasn’t been time to read the bill. Cotton accused Reid of slandering the National Defense Authorization Act in his speeches on the Senate Floor.

“It’s been public for weeks! And this coming from a man who drafted Obamacare in his office and rammed it through this Senate at midnight on Christmas Eve on straight party-line vote…that is an outrageous slander!”

Cotton noted that all the Democrats on the Armed Services Committee voted for the bill in committee and that the bill could have passed “unanimously” two days ago.

Further, Cotton blasted Reid for complaining that the Senate is not in session enough.

“Whatever you think about that, the happy by-product of fewer days in session in the Senate is that this institution will be cursed less with his cancerous leadership.”

Senator Reid dismissed Cotton’s comments on the floor later that day.

“I think it would distract from what we’re doing here today to go into the statements by the very junior senator from Arkansas,” Reid said. (For more from the author of “Tom Cotton Eviscerates Harry Reid on Senate Floor for ‘Cancerous’ Leadership” please click HERE)

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