Hey Conservatives, Stop Apologizing for the Failures of Liberalism

A few months ago, while attending a political event, I listened to a former GOP legislator begin her speech this way, “Republicans don’t hate women and Republicans aren’t racists…” Upon hearing this, I was appalled. Although I don’t believe this lawmaker has any malicious intent, her opening set the table for her speech and made it seem as if standing for conservative principles meant something other than what it actually means. As conservatives, we don’t have anything to apologize for. We didn’t do this.

The destructive politics of division, frequently employed by the far-left, are legitimized when we play their game and render apologies for policies we not only had nothing to do with, but policies which we stand in direct opposition to. It’s time to put the far-left back on its heels and go on the offense. We need to immediately start holding them to account for the destruction they have caused and stop offering illogical apologies.

For example, we are enmeshed in the worst recovery from a recession in modern American history. President Obama will be the first president in American history to never reach three percent GDP growth in ANY year of his presidency. To our liberal friends reading this I ask, “Why do you think this is, and what conservative policy do you wish to blame?” I suspect they will not have an answer because there is no answer. The Obama income tax hikes, investment taxes and Obamacare taxes are all liberal wish-list items and have unquestionably dampened our economic spirits. I don’t care which sell out member of the GOP voted for or against these taxes because this is in no way a conservative idea. We stand for vibrant economic liberty and the lowest tax rates possible to support the constitutional role of government, not an ever-expanding welfare state which empties the wallets of hard-working Americans and expands the government’s wallet. There is nothing conservative about this and liberals, not conservatives, should apologize for causing the dreadful economic conditions we are currently experiencing.

Regarding healthcare, what conservative principle was responsible for the exploding costs, cancelled plans, and reduced access to doctors and hospitals? Obamacare created a system where community rating and guaranteed issue (two liberal fantasies because they involve price controls and big government mandates) took an already broken system and smashed the remnants into the ground. Conservatives believe in the awesome power of markets and economic liberty to discipline the human greed impulse. Conservatives rely on individual choice, not government mandates, to keep costs down and quality up. None of this happened in the design and implementation of Obamacare, which garnered exactly zero Republican votes when it passed. The far-left did this to our healthcare system, not conservatives. And the far-left should own it.

Finally, true conservatives are passionate advocates for education liberty. We support choice for parents so that they can remove their children from failing schools and place them in schools which will prepare them for a prosperous future. The far-left absolutely refuses to relinquish an iota of control over their public school monopoly and doesn’t appear to care who suffers because of it. What’s conservative about that? Nothing. If liberals want an apology then they should demand it from other liberals. They did this to our kids, not us.

We have a responsibility to speak truth to power and right now much power rests in the halls of academia and in the mainstream media. It is these institutions that readily embrace the deceptive liberal division politics game and make sure conservatives apologize for their fabricated role in it. I’m done with that, and you should be too. Turn the tables. Start demanding apologies from liberals for the destruction left behind after seven-plus years of Barack Obama and let’s see how they respond. (For more from the author of “Hey Conservatives, Stop Apologizing for the Failures of Liberalism” please click HERE)

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