Governor Walker Steals $666 Million From Alaska’s Families, Time to Recall the Liar

Governor Walker campaigned as a Republican, then made a deal with the Dems as Independent. Now he says both parties are evil. In reality, the biggest evil is looking directly back at Bill Walker in the mirror.

Governor Bill Walker just stole (his words, not mine) approximately $1,000 from every man, woman, and child in Alaska. It was the most destructive, regressive tax in the history of the State of Alaska. And why did he do it? He doesn’t have the backbone to confront the State’s public unions. He’d rather take from the average Alaskan family than confront the institutional corruption that plagues our state.

The man is a liar, flat-out. He promised repeatedly in his past elections to never touch Alaska’s Permanent Dividend Fund. Here’s what the liar said in 2014 to get elected:

As Governor I believe in . . . rejecting the notion that Juneau politicians need to look at stealing money from your PFD or instituting a state income or sales tax in order to pay for their growing appetite to spend money we don’t have. A balanced budget does not mean tapping our state savings account to pay what you are unwilling to cut.

He also stated that, “I have no intention to [pay] for state government by reducing Permanent Fund dividend checks. If we properly develop our natural resources and put in place a sustainable budget that should not be necessary.” And that’s not all. He repeatedly attacked the incumbent governor for a plan “tapping the PFD or creating a state tax rather than cut spending.”

This is the worst type of hypocrisy. A politician who lied not only about his opponent, but then later did exactly what he accused his opponent of.

So what exactly did the Governor do? He refused to cut public spending to match declining state revenues and instead took the easy out: he simply stole the People’s money and blamed the legislature for his unethical act. Exactly how much money did he steal from us? Most estimates suggest that Alaskans would have realized $2,000 from this year’s dividend. So by capping the dividend at $1000, he took about $1000 for every qualifying resident, or 666 million dollars.

In other words, Bill Walker cut Alaskan’s PFDs by many times more than state agencies, in some cases over ten times more. What does that tell you about this governor?

And what does that mean to growing families in Alaska, struggling to heat their homes and pay other utilities in a state where expenses are 25% higher than the national average? It may mean less food on their tables and more frigid homes in the winter. This is a major chunk of change for the average Alaskan family. Of course, multi-millionaire, big-government-loving Bill Walker has no understanding or concern for this.

And yes, millionaire Bill Walker, it IS the public’s money. The state Constitution provides that all mineral rights are owned by the People. Article VIII, Section 1 of the State’s Constitution dictates that the use of resources from state lands should maximize the public interest. Such resources are to be used so that the citizens equally benefit, not so that one special interest – like public unions – have their demands met at the cost of the average Joe.

To make matters worse, after stealing Alaskan’s PFDs, this shyster governor blamed the legislature for his spineless act. Huh?! The envy of most governors nationwide, Governor Walker holds a veto pen that can unilaterally cut any agency and any funding he wishes – just as he used that pen to steal thousands of dollars from hard-working Alaskans. The governor HIMSELF has total authority over state expenditures. He alone is responsible for not addressing the State’s fiscal disaster with integrity.

The cold hard facts are this: Walker has no spine, no guts, he’s just a slick, typical politician who will do anything to keep the corrupt system rolling. And his do-nothing Lieutenant Governor Mallot is standing right there with him, cheering him on.

Alaska Statutes provide that elected leaders who are (1) no longer fit for office, (2) incompetent, (3) have neglected their duties, or (4) are corrupt may be turned out of office by the voters. See AS 15.45.510. Walker’s idiocy with the PFD, his lies about what he’d do as governor, and slavish devotion to big government on the People’s dime, fall squarely within the recall parameters.

Time to turn him out. Recall Governor Walker. Click HERE to find out more.


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