Obama Refuses Request to Honor Dallas’ Fallen Heroes

Policemag.com reports that following the Dallas shooting Thursday night that left five police officers dead, a request was made to illuminate the White House in blue to honor those officers killed in the attack.

Jon Adler, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, said in a statement that the group appreciated the president’s order that flags to be flown at half-staff; however, he asked President Obama to show his full respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice by displaying law enforcement’s “Thin Blue Line” at the White House. Adler said this act would go further to show Obama’s commitment to law enforcement than his “scripted words.”

Although the White House has been illuminated for occasions such as Breast Cancer Awareness (pink) and the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex marriages (rainbow), Obama refused Adler’s request.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered the Governor’s Mansion in Austin to be illuminated in honor of the slain officers.

Adler said that the law enforcement community was unable to receive comfort from the scripted comments from people such as House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Referring to Ryan’s remark that this is “a time for healing,” Adler pointed out that another officer had been shot in Missouri. “We can’t heal while law enforcement officers continue to bleed,” he said.

As for Pelosi, who quoted the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Adler stated that she needed to exhibit Dr. King’s leadership ability rather than quoting his statements.

Adler’s statement also urged officials to eliminate their scripted speeches and feel the pain that people across the country are feeling from this attack. He suggested they light a blue candle and say a prayer in lieu of insulting members of law enforcement with “perishable scripted gibberish.”

Adler said the illumination of the White House would be a tribute to the service of five fallen heroes, ending the statement by saying, “May all our fallen heroes rest in honor, and blessed eternal peace.” (For more the author of “Obama Refuses Request to Honor Dallas’ Fallen Heroes” please click HERE)

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