Black Lives Matter Wants to Dismantle Police Forces, and Now They Have $100 Million to Do It

Black Lives Matter, which is trying to grow from a street-level movement to a political powerhouse, has just received pledges of cash most organizations only dream of: more than $100 million from foundations eager to join the bandwagon for social justice — and a whole lot more.

The money comes from the Ford Foundation, Borealis Philanthropy, George Soros and the Center for American Progress, but the direction of all that money (and power) is to radically disrupt American politics — and to dismantle our nation’s police forces.

This isn’t hyperbole. This comes from Movement Strategy Center, the group spearheading the direction of all that money for the Black-Led Movement Fund.

From their grounding document:

To create communities of care and safety we need to move simultaneously to end racialized and gendered inequality. The anti-black/anti-human violence at the heart of our police and military is there to defend and maintain our system of economic inequality. Ending violence and inequality must happen together.

We need to send the police home and start over. These institutions can not be incrementally reformed. They need to be disarmed and disbanded. Community needs to take charge of community safety.

What do we do when the real solution is clear but seems impossible?

We turn to movements make the impossible possible.

In one place.

Then in many.

Then everywhere.


Take a moment and review those hashtags. “We are all better off without them.”

Remember Dallas? Remember Baton Rouge? The men who put their lives on the line, the black cop who had the heartbreaking FB post days before he was shot for being a cop?

Police reform is possible. Dallas shows that. Calling for an end to the police, to the military, to any sort of defense against evil, is nothing short of suicidal.

In addition to BLM’s anti-police agenda, the group has called Israel an “apartheid state” guilty of “genocide.” It’s a move that may cause a deep rupture between the group and progressive Jews who agree with BLM’s domestic aims but see the official BLM platform as promoting anti-Semitism.

As Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz writes in The Jerusalem Post, “To support an organization or movement that promotes anti-Semitism because it also supports good causes is the beginning of the road to accepting racism. Many racist groups have also promoted causes that deserve support.”

Dana Beyer at Huffington Post wrote that

the Jewish community is the best ally the black community can have … Throwing a wrench into that relationship, as happened fifty years ago, out of pique, spite, anti-Semitism or some legitimate grievances, will do no one any good. Tying the BLM movement to any foreign issue, let alone the sole Jewish state on the planet, is plain stupid. Doing so in support of a community which includes terrorist members who enslave Africans is suicidal.

It may be poor policy, but a group so radical as to call Israel genocidal has declared America’s criminal justice system irreparably broken. Now that they have more money than almost any other political group, we’ll see what they do with it. (For more from the author of “Black Lives Matter Wants to Dismantle Police Forces, and Now They Have $100 Million to Do It” please click HERE)

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