Comment by Hillary Clinton Raises Further Questions About Her Health

The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton just launched its official podcast, titled With Her.

In Friday’s debut episode, host Max Linsky interviewed Clinton about her typical day on the campaign trail.

“I wake up early,” she said, informing the host she gets up at “6:30 or so.”

Linsky inquired, “I heard a rumor that you don’t use an alarm clock.”

“No, that’s not true. That’s not true,” she repeated. “That’s another one of those rumors that people spread.”

But then Clinton waffled.

“I usually wake up before my alarm clock goes off, so technically maybe that’s right,” she said.

Clinton told Linsky she relies on her cellphone as her main alarm in the morning. “Sometimes if I’m really tired when I, you know, collapse, it’s backed up by a real alarm clock,” she said.

Linsky then asked her which ringtone she relies on to help her awake. The former secretary of state said her ringtone has to be the “most obnoxious sound that [she] can find on the ringtones” to help her get up.

“You mean that crazy siren one?” the host asked. “Yes. Exactly,” she replied.

Clinton stated she needs something that “pierces through our deepest consciousness.”

Clinton’s admission she “collapses” was seen by some as raising further questions about her health as a potential commander in chief.

Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times wrote Monday, “Her stumbling, fainting, severe coughing and moments of odd behavior on the campaign have been much talked about by the reporters following her, but this knowledge was veiled in a discreet silence, until now.”

Pruden then cited a report also questioning Clinton’s health issues over the last four years.

“The Drudge Report cited four health episodes over the years Hillary has campaigned for president: needing assistance climbing stairs this year, a blood clot on the brain in 2012, a fall while boarding an airplane in 2011 and a fall on her way to the White House in 2009,” Pruden wrote. “One of the accompanying photographs, by Reuters, shows her losing her balance while touring a substance abuse center in Charleston, S.C.”

Likewise, a recently released email from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin to another staffer said Clinton is “often confused.”

Just a week ago, Clinton stated she “short-circuited” when she was trying to clarify previously stated comments. Republican rival Donald Trump seized on her self-description, and on Saturday called her “unstable.”

A poll released Thursday found that 59 percent of voters say all major presidential candidates should release their most recent medical records to the public. (For more from the author of “Comment by Hillary Clinton Raises Further Questions About Her Health” please click HERE)

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