What Are Republicans Planning to Make Their End-Of-The-Year Focus? Fulfilling Obama’s Jailbreak Agenda

Republicans are often dubbed “the stupid party” because they excel at self-immolation. However, there comes a point when their ability to self-immolate at the perfect time in the most precise fashion is so devastatingly consistent that it’s hard to believe they are not geniuses.

The September congressional session is the final opportunity for Republicans to harness the platform given to them in the 2014 elections – control of both houses of Congress – and utilize it as the closing argument against Obama and Hillary headed into November. With a bleak outlook in the presidential and Senate races, Republicans must use September to change the narrative away from Donald Trump’s personality to a focus on critical issues people care about. They have the FY 2017 budget bill as the perfect vehicle to challenge Obama on his outrageous and dangerous policies, which are opposed by the vast majority of voters.

The opportunities are endless. Republicans could use legislation, floor speeches, committee hearings, and the “must-pass” budget bill to focus attention on Obama’s treasonous alliance with Iran, his plan to increase refugee-intake in October, the collapse of Obamacare, or stopping Obama’s giveaway of internet domains to an international tribunal controlled by Russia, China, and Iran.

Sadly, there are no plans to focus on those issues. What do they plan to focus on instead? Jailbreak legislation. Because, why focus on 80-20 winning issues that are critical to our national security when…you could further cement Obama’s jailbreak legacy?

You heard that right. The closing argument for Republicans this election will be to end the congressional session by consummating Obama’s #1 remaining legacy item of mass jailbreak – all at a time when crime is rising in many major cities for the first time in over two decades and most swing voters in the suburbs are generally concerned about safety and security more than ever before. Haven’t Republicans watched the disaster of California’s Prop 47, which implemented a similar scheme on a state level, and has led to record low arrests and rising crime?

Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. (F, 53%) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La. (D, 64%) have spent the entire recess scoring points for Obama by ginning up support on their side for a jailbreak effort in September. Yesterday, Scalise held a meeting with dozens of congressional staffers to plot a strategy and messaging on legislation to cut sentencing for federal prisoners and grant the extremely liberal federal judges more latitude to free prisoners, a prerogative the courts have already grabbed for themselves.

According to my congressional sources familiar with the meeting, leadership aids discussed how to message jailbreak as a conservative initiative, much like they did with the Gang of Eight immigration bill. Although the details are still in flux, staff at the meeting discussed packaging a bunch of “prison reform” bills into one giant bill. Much like the Gang of Eight legislation, they plan to dangle a few conservative talking points embodied in some notional provisions conservatives might like in order to sell the broader pro-criminal tenor of the package as an all-or-nothing proposition. Using the same Orwellian approach of Mark Zuckerberg to allure conservatives into backing amnesty, leadership staff showed a power point presentation selling the effort as being pro law enforcement, enhancing public safety, and supporting victims of crime.

[Several months ago, I published a report debunking all of the “conservative” talking points in support of this effort, which can be viewed here. Also, my analysis about the details of the original Senate bill can be viewed here.]

As always, the political barometer of these people was as uncalibrated as Dick Morris’s political predictions. They evidently feel that suburban voters are about to march on Washington and demand: “give us looser sentencing and prison reform or give us death!” One of the staffers at the meeting fantasized how election-year politics—particularly the impact that passing criminal justice ‘reform’ will have on “independents and folks like that”—will somehow benefit Republicans in the election.

At one point the staff indicated that the Chairman’s bill is actually a step in the right direction for fighting drug trafficking because of the heroin/fentanyl provisions—regardless of the fact that the bill reduces penalties for all heroin traffickers across the board and makes them retroactive. Also, according to my sources, there was no discussion of the fact that their legislation reduces sentences for illegal alien drug traffickers, lets them out early and does nothing to ensure they’re deported.

During a discussion about the number of federal felons who would be released, staffers conceded that “we don’t know exactly how many offenders are eligible” under the House Judiciary Committee bill. This, at a time when Obama is already commuting a record number of sentences and the U.S. Sentencing Commission is already planning early release for up to 46,000 drug traffickers. To begin with, there are only 165,000 prisoners actually housed in federal prisons (roughly 40,000 more are federal inmates in other facilities), and only about half of those were convicted for drug offenses. Further, a large percentage of them are illegal aliens and should be deported. For Congress to exacerbate this with further legislation at this time in history defies common sense.

So where is this emergency coming from? What happened to the emergency over America’s sovereignty, security, refugees, Obamacare, and Iran?

Follow the money. When George Soros and the Koch brothers both want the same thing, you better believe the liberal politicians in both parties will move heaven and earth to get it done. According to recently leaked documents by WikiLeaks, Soros’s Open Society Foundation “remains among the largest contributors of philanthropic dollars to reform strategies specifically targeted to reducing incarceration.” The documents reveal that Soros was concerned the story about Wendell Callahan, who twice benefited from changes in federal sentencing guidelines and upon his release murdered three people in Columbus, would hurt their PR effort.

They also named the Koch brothers as a big backer of the effort. The Koch brothers have gone full-throated Obama for the pro-criminal agenda.

This is just one more example of why the Republican Party is broken on such a systemic level that there is no way to fix it through conventional means. Instead of using all of their political capital to fight the other side’s agenda with equal and opposing force, they use their resources to give voice and cover for some of the worst and most unpopular policies of the Left…in the middle of a big election. Heck, with the party nominee now backing amnesty, they should just spend September passing the Gang of Eight bill.

Once the dust has settled from this election on November 9, it will become abundantly clear that conservatives must look beyond the Republican Party once and for all. (For more from the author of “What Are Republicans Planning to Make Their End-Of-The-Year Focus? Fulfilling Obama’s Jailbreak Agenda” please click HERE)

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