Busted: Chelsea Clinton Spotted Boarding Private Jet Headed to ‘Clean Energy’ Event

When you think of “clean energy” in the context of travel, what comes to mind? Public transportation? Carpooling? Flying commercially for long-distance trips?

For Chelsea Clinton, it’s a private jet. This week, Hillary Clinton’s equally liberal, but slightly more charming daughter attended a series of campaign events in North Carolina on behalf of the Democratic presidential nominee, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

After making two separate appearances Wednesday at events in Greenville, N.C., one of Clinton’s last stops was a “clean energy roundtable” … to which she rode in her private jet. The roundtable discussion was held in Asheville — just a five-hour drive from Greenville, according to the Free Beacon, who cited video footage of Clinton boarding the gas-guzzling aircraft.

Based on this latest episode, it would appear as if the Clinton Campaign is doing next to nothing to fulfill its goal of becoming “carbon neutral.” Last year, the campaign announced its commitment to “offsetting the carbon footprint of the campaign and that includes travel.” The pledge came after the former secretary of state was criticized for … yup, flying to an event in a private jet.

But please, Hillary, tell us more about your commitment to “clean energy.” (For more from the author of “Busted: Chelsea Clinton Spotted Boarding Private Jet Headed to ‘Clean Energy’ Event” please click HERE)

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