‘Catholics for Choice’ Isn’t Catholic and Neither Is Its Disgusting Message

A pro-abortion group wrongly calling itself “Catholic” is once again drawing fire from those who actually adhere to the church’s 2,000-year-old, immutable teachings on life.

This week, the group “Catholics for Choice” ran full-page, color newspaper ads in multiple states where Catholics form a significant voting bloc. One such ad that ran in the Chicago Tribune carries the heading “Abortion in Good Faith,” featuring an elderly woman named Linda saying, “It is because of my Catholic faith, not in spite of it, that I support women who make conscience-based decisions to have an abortion.”

The ad is in direct contradiction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which states, “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion,” and that the “teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable,” and that every willed abortion “gravely contrary to the moral law.” The ad goes on to call taxpayer-funded abortions a “social justice issue.”

Catholic bishops across America have taken issue with the group’s grossly errant statement and message, especially when it comes to portraying itself as a Catholic organization.

“Despite what is implied by its name, Catholics for Choice is not a member-oriented organization and has no affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church,” reads a statement from the Texas Catholic Conference, a statewide association of the Roman Catholic dioceses in Texas, in response to similar ads run in the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and San Antonio Express-News. “Instead, it is financed by grants from a few secular organizations pushing a pro-abortion agenda. It seldom ventures beyond Washington to Texas, unless it is to buy expensive, full-page ads when it serves their pro-abortion agenda.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, issued a statement, calling the misleading ad offensive.

“The biggest falsehood in these advertisements is the statement that ‘as a Catholic’ a person can respect and support a decision to kill an unborn person,” reads another statement from Bishop Steven J. Lopes of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter in Houston. “The insinuation that Catholic faith can lead a person to sanction something which is always and everywhere a moral evil is fraudulent, deceitful, and simply wrong.”

This is not the first time “‘Catholics’ for Choice” has clashed with bishops over a media campaign. Last year, the group took out another full-page, color advertisement on The Washington Post’s daily Express tabloid in June smearing the National Bishops Conference “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign, which seeks to defend and uphold religious liberty against a host of secular attacks.

The ad depicts a cartoonish caricature of a Catholic bishop pointing to the reader (a la Uncle Sam), saying “We want YOU to help us discriminate.”

Ethics & Public Policy Center fellow Stephen White called the ad “old-timey anti-Catholicism” in response, saying “the folks at the Washington Post (who ok’d this travesty) and at Catholics for Choice could do with some prayers.” (For more from the author of “‘Catholics for Choice’ Isn’t Catholic and Neither Is Its Disgusting Message” please click HERE)

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