Why Is the National Media Ignoring Trump’s Heartfelt Angel Moms Moment?

Wednesday was a big day for Donald Trump’s campaign, marking the Republican presidential candidate’s first meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. The meeting and its aftermath became the biggest national story of the day, but there was one key angle the media seemed to have left out.

Following his meeting with Peña Nieto, Trump held a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, during which he laid out his ten-step plan of hardline immigration reform. Later in the rally, Trump welcomed on to the stage the group known as Angel Moms, a group of mothers whose children were killed by illegal immigrants.

As the Daily Wire reported, the mothers of Ronald da Silva, Joshua Wilkerson, Steve Woods, Eric Zepeda, Shayley Estees, and Brandon Mendoza all took the stage wearing shirts featuring photos of their murdered children and voiced their support for Trump. They were joined by the parents of Matthew Denice, Rebecca Ann Johnston’s cousin, and Grant Ronnebeck’s father.

Trump ended his speech Wednesday evening with a warning that his candidacy might be the country’s last chance to secure the its borders and prevent future losses like the ones these parents have experienced.

The liberal media was not having it. Thursday morning, many newspapers and online media outlets across the country covered Trump’s Arizona speech but ignored the Angel Moms, instead focusing their attention on Trump’s hardline immigration stance.

“Another Brick in the Wall,” read CNN.com’s homepage headline. “Donald Gets Darker,” warned the ever-Trump-bashing Huffington Post.

We’ve pulled the front pages to give you an idea of what was being reported Thursday morning. See if you can detect a pattern:






Headlines from Newseum

Why is it significant to point out that the media failed to mention Angel Moms in their Trump write-ups? After all, isn’t the policy angle more “newsy” than the personal emotional story of these parents?

That argument may have stood had the media not made such a big deal about the “Mothers of the Movement” appearance at last month’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. CNN, MSNBC, and others jumped on the story about the mothers who lost their children to inner city gun crime or police shootings. The online news source Media Matters even pointed out that Fox News “completely ignored the appearance.”

Why can’t Fox have a heart as pure and unbiased as the rest of the liberal media? Give me a break. (For more from the author of “Why Is the National Media Ignoring Trump’s Heartfelt Angel Moms Moment?” please click HERE)

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