All Three of Murkowski’s Republican Primary Opponents Say They’re Voting Joe Miller

Joe Miller Press Release

Anchorage, AK – The Miller campaign today announced that all three of Lisa Murkowski’s primary campaign challengers have confirmed they’re voting for Libertarian Nominee Joe Miller in the November election.

“I’m humbled and honored by the support from Republicans across the state of Alaska,” Miller said. “I want to take this opportunity to thank Bob Lochner, Tom Lamb and Paul Kendall for their votes of confidence, and I look forward to working with all Alaskans for the betterment of our great state and the country we love.”

Republican runner-up Bob Lochner offered the following statement:

“I fully support Joe Miller for United State Senate. We have a Democrat and an Independent who are both liberal, and we have a Republican who is liberal. Lisa Murkowski is a walking contradiction . . . the farthest you can get from a conservative.”

Air Force veteran and Republican candidate Thomas Lamb also pledged his support for Miller, stating:

“I’m endorsing Joe because he’s an honest man, and I agree with him on 90% of the issues. With his military experience and knowledge of the Constitution, we need him in the United States Senate now. I’m honored to have a chance to vote for him.”

Paul Kendall has also affirmed that he will be voting for Miller in the November 8 election.

Citizens for Joe Miller invites all Alaskans to join us in the fight for freedom. Let’s make history!

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believe in believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the right to life, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.