Alaska Family Action Endorses Joe Miller for U.S. Senate

Alaska Family Action, the political arm of Alaska Family Council, announced its endorsement of Joe Miller for U.S. Senate on Wednesday.

In a statement, Alaska Family Action president Jim Minnery said the AFA’s board of directors voted to back Miller because he “has been a consistent and outspoken supporter of religious liberty, protections of the unborn, support of traditional family policies and parental rights.”

The AFA statement went on to point out that incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski received an “F” rating (just 20 percent) from Conservative Review on its Liberty Scorecard and scored 35 percent on the Heritage Action Scorecard for her votes.

The average for Republican senators on the latter is 57 percent, while conservative senators like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz scored 100 and 97 percent, respectively.

Murkowski is the most liberal “Republican” senator up for re-election, having voted with Pres. Obama 72 percent of the time during the last Congress, according to Roll Call.

She received an 80 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Minnery’s statement concluded, “Alaska Family Action is proud to get behind a bold pro-family, pro-life candidate like Joe Miller who can help turn this country around.”

Miller responded, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Alaska Family Action. If chosen to serve as Alaska’s next United States senator, I pledge that I will promote a culture of life and uphold our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and religion.”

Miller has also been endorsed by Alaska Right to Life and Family Research Council Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin.

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.