No, Michael Moore, Hillary Will Never Be ‘America’s Pope Francis’

Activist filmmaker Michael Moore’s latest documentary, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” has been the trending talk of both Hollywood and Washington, DC, since its release last week. In the film, Moore discusses Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s rise to political prominence, then lays out a case for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

And because I know most won’t subject themselves to an hour-long Hillary PR fest — after all, you could just watch the mainstream media if you were looking for that that — I watched it to see what all of the hype was about. Much of it is what you’d expect from a Moore film: hyperbolic, foul-mouthed hippie socialism. But there was one part that absolutely confounded me: when Moore compares Clinton to Pope Francis.

The filmmaker suggests that Francis “kept quiet” on controversial matters like the LGBT movement (he didn’t) and his criticism of capitalism while he was a cardinal during the junta era in Argentina. But on the day he was appointed, Francis became the “people’s pope” — a universal symbol of unity (read: progressivism) in the church.

“He must have kept quiet all those years,” Moore says. “But he’s thinking, he’s planning. He gets all these other cardinals to think he’s some conservative a**hole from some South American dictatorship.”

Pope Francis rose to eminence, according to Moore, because “he bided his time.” Clinton, he argues, has done the same, allowing her husband and even President Barack Obama to take credit for her political ideas. But this presidency could be “her Pope Frank moment.”

“What if Hillary becomes our Pope Francis?” Moore asks his audience. “What if all this time … this has been part of her long game?”

The multi-millionaire filmmaker claims that Clinton was never taken seriously as a young politician. She was ridiculed for her appearance and discriminated against because she was a woman. Until now, the American people have simply failed to notice all of the good things she’s done to improve the lives of citizens.

Moore goes on to paint a picture of a President Hillary Clinton who champions radically progressive issues by signing executive order after executive order — from allowing all illegal immigrants to remain in the country, to releasing all nonviolent drug offenders from prison, to banning high fructose corn syrup. But none of this will happen, he warns, unless the American people “get behind her” and don’t “abandon her” like they have in the past.

Moore’s portrayal of Clinton as a holy figure stands in clear contrast with his depiction of Donald Trump as a fiendish tyrant, more diabolical and dangerous than any individual the country has ever witnessed. He calls Trump a “human Molotov cocktail” that appeals particularly to lower-class white men because he challenges “the system that stole their lives from them.”

According to “TrumpLand,” male Trump supporters are like dying dinosaurs, roaring at the top of their lungs because they believe having a woman in the White House will secure their demise. But there’s good news, he claims: Hillary — and all women, for that matter — are harmless. Moore claims that men are responsible for all that is wrong with the world. They built the first smokestacks, after all. They’re more likely to commit murder, rape, or carry out mass shootings.

“Whatever you’re afraid of does not wear a dress … Or a pantsuit,” he says.

I have news for Michael Moore: Hillary Clinton will never be “America’s Pope Francis.” It’s not because she’s a woman, or because she wears pantsuits, or even because she’s unlikeable. It is because Hillary Clinton has a thoroughly documented history of cronyism and class warfare, of attacking religious freedom and dismembering the family, of money-grubbing and power-grabbing.

Moore’s therapeutic, spiritual, secularist approach may convince some Americans to vote for his saintly rendering of the Democratic presidential nominee. But anyone who dares to hold Moore’s claims against the real Hillary Clinton will see how utterly absurd this comparison truly is.

Clinton is not some wild-card candidate with an obscure past who’s full of surprises. She’s revealed her character time and time again — and it’s been consistently terrible. If there’s one thing Pope Francis and Hillary have in common, it’s the fact that they both have public track records. Those who really want to research the truth about these public figures can readily do so. Those who don’t are free to blindly wander around Michael Moore’s “Lala land.” (For more from the author of “No, Michael Moore, Hillary Will Never Be ‘America’s Pope Francis'” please click HERE)

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