Trump Phones Rush Limbaugh, Alleges Massive Cover-Up in Obamacare

On Tuesday, [Republican] presidential nominee Donald Trump phoned conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh and claimed a massive cover-up in regards to The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

Limbaugh cited the trending statistic that the average premium has increased by 25 percent under Obamacare, but Trump asserted that the increase, in truth, is much higher.

“You know, the 25 percent [increase], Rush, is less than half of what the real number is,” Trump said. “The real number in some of these places is 80 percent to 90 percent increases. It’s catastrophic, actually.”

Trump said that he’d predicted the downfall of Obamacare from the beginning, saying it was “no good” from the start.

“And you remember, I called that from before it was approved. I said, ‘This can’t work, because it’s just… The plan is no good. The concept is no good,’ and it turned out to be much worse,” Trump said.

He later added, “They put out the phony number of 25 percent because 25 percent sounds better than 60 or 70 percent.”

Trump pointed to his own experience in small business, and he said that many in that realm are complaining that Obamacare is putting them out of business. He also pointed to Obamacare’s seeming monopoly on the insurance market, due to “over-regulation.”

“I think Obamacare has now taken over almost from regulation, which is ridiculous what’s happening with over-regulation, as the biggest single problem for opening and keeping businesses going,” Trump said.

The recent decision of Aetna and other insurance companies to pull out of Obamacare seems to support Trump’s allegations. In states like California, premiums are expected to rise significantly in 2017, and many argue that the program is a disaster on the verge of collapse.

While Democrats have painted former president George W. Bush as the culprit for many of the country’s current issues, saying that Obamacare will help alleviate problems caused by the Bush administration, Limbaugh countered that sentiment by saying Obamacare is working as designed.

“Well, the problem is, it is working. It is working, by design. The whole point of [Obamacare] was to have it fail like this so that they can then have people panic and ask the government to fix it, and the government will fix it by going single payer with the government totally running the health care system, which gives them so much power over people and their behavior and the way they live their lives, you don’t even want to think about it,” Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh’s opinion is one shared by many conservative pundits, including Daily Wire Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro, who said Obamacare was created with “designed obsolescence” and drew a comparison between Obamacare and Samsung’s Galaxy Note phone.

“It’s as though Samsung had designed their phones to melt down so that they could then market the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Government Edition,” Shapiro said.

Limbaugh defended Trump, pointing out that the Republican nominee has been under siege by the Democratic party. Yet, he said, Trump is still “a winner.”

“It’s frustrating, Mr. Trump, because their fingerprints, as I say, are all over this,” Limbaugh said. “If anybody, in my estimation, is disqualified from having anything further to do with this nation’s economy or healthcare or immigration, it’s the Democrat Party.” (For more from the author of “Trump Phones Rush Limbaugh, Alleges Massive Cover-Up in Obamacare” please click HERE)

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