Was It a Sin to Vote for Lisa Murkowski?

I consider the killing of more than 50 million innocent children via abortion to be the moral crisis of this age.

It is a scourge on our supposedly enlightened society. It is a blight on our humanity. It has corrupted the soul of our nation. It has proven how little regard we have for our own legacy as a people, when we’re willing to so cavalierly dispose of our only renewable resources — our own children.

For these reasons I won’t vote for a candidate that isn’t pro-life — regardless of party or who their opponent is—- for dog catcher let alone a more meaningful office. For where someone stands on the life issue isn’t just a litmus test but a window to the soul. If someone is willing to compromise or worse on something as sacred as life, then they can’t be counted on to be stewards of our less sacred resources, either.

What then, if you believe as I do that abortion is the murder of an innocent child and an abominable violation against the designs of heaven, should you do when you walk into your polling place on Tuesday?

Randall Terry is the original founder of Operation Rescue, which is one of the pioneer organizations in the pro-life movement. And he doesn’t pull any punches. In fact, he has been driving a bus around the southeast to various campaign events for the last two weeks with this main message emblazoned across the side:

It is a sin to vote for Hillary.

Large pictures of aborted babies also cover the side of the bus, as does the command to “not play the whore with your vote. If you vote for Hillary, you share in the guilt of her sins. Do not raise the anger of God by helping Hillary shed innocent blood.”

I recently interviewed Terry, and he said that message is intended for the 55 percent of Catholics and 33 percent of evangelicals who “betrayed Jesus Christ” in the last election by voting for the pro-killing Barack Obama. Not only is that unacceptable, he says, but a preposterous moral equivocation that ultimately leads to a spiritual death sentence for the one making such a wicked compromise.

It doesn’t matter what else you think Hillary will accomplish as president if she promises to accelerate the baby killing. Imagine, as Terry says, that somebody asks you to give them a ride so that they can run some errands. First they ask you to go to the grocery store, then to the pharmacy, and last to the bank. And oh, by the way, the stop at the bank will include a hold up complete with an execution style murder.

That’s what you are an accomplice to, says Terry, if you vote for Hillary. The relative innocence of the other stops along the way, or the other political issues du jour, are non-sequiturs by comparison.

“There are some sins that are higher than others,” Terry said. “There is a hierarchy of evil. And Christians who keep voting in support of abortion have the brazen face of a harlot. They are committed to their path of sin. There is a motive skewing their ethical compass.”

So if one accepts the fundamentals of such a moral economy, then the question becomes what to do next. In Terry’s case, he is supporting Donald Trump, saying that “he says he will make it a crime to kill an unborn baby. He’s the only one (in the GOP primary) who has said that and I believe him, and I know that I believe Hillary is proven to be a maniacal supporter of abortion.”

Note that Trump almost immediately took back his claim that abortion should be considered a criminal offense, like he is prone to do on almost every position he’s taken throughout this campaign. But just as Hillary’s sins don’t absolve Trump from his, neither do his absolve hers. Hillary does little to hide her zeal for baby-killing, nor her admiration for macabre Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

A pro-life leader I admire, Dr. Laurence White in Houston, has long said this about the infanticide holocaust we have permitted to occur on our watch:

The killing won’t stop until the church makes it stop, and not a moment sooner.

In his own, provocative way, Terry seems to be channeling a similar sentiment. “It is necessary for us to speak as harshly as God sometimes does in order to wake people up,” he adds.

This is on us when we affirmatively vote for those who enable and/or champion this rampage, which is why Terry believes it is a sin to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not you agree, I know this for sure. No matter who we vote for, if we have decided that Planned Parenthood’s freezer bags full of dismembered baby parts for sale are not really our concern, then we are doing it all wrong. (For more from the author of “Is It a Sin to Vote for Hillary Clinton?” please click HERE)

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