The Unbearable Global Elites Enslaving America, the World; Time to Revolt?

Perhaps the worst thing in the world of American politics is the liberal elite composed of Utopian wannabe philosopher kings who believe their vision is better or superior to those of us mere mortals. They hide behind what they believe to be rationality and an Enlightenment mode of thinking. As Mark Levin accurately noted, “Utopianism is regressive, irrational and pre-Enlightenment.”

As far back as the Greeks, Plato- who actually advocated for the notion of the philosopher-king- said Utopians believe that the individual must subordinate his will to the state. That is, individuality and its accompanying liberty stand in opposition to the demands of the Utopian vision.

The author Thomas Wolfe updated this notion by coining the phrase “radical chic.” This is when liberals use their ideology as a marker to tell the world that they know better and they are superior to low lives that occupy those vast expanses of America that regularly show up red on an electoral map. To them, we of the vast red wasteland live in a false world where we are blinded to the oppression and injustice of the America in which we live. And lest anyone believe the liberal elite can be beat, it was one of their own who ascended to the Presidency in 2008 denouncing those who clung to Bibles and guns. It was one of their own whose presidential campaign team in 2016 denigrated the fact that Rupert Murdoch raised his kids Catholic.

The presence of the liberal elite is a good reason to have an Electoral College in the first place. That vast red wasteland offsets the locus of power of the liberal elite: the Boston-to-DC corridor, and the state of California. There are stops in between and elsewhere like Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago and Seattle, but chances are the elite will live and work in those first two areas.

Celebrity and education count, although billionaires are usually absent from the mix. They do not want to pontificate too much lest they kill the goose that laid their golden eggs (capitalism), although there are a few of the self-flagellating type. They usually emerge from elite liberal arts colleges that happen to have Ivy on their walls and are located on the East coast, or other “top notch” schools such as Stanford. (Read more from “The Unbearable Global Elites Enslaving America, the World; Time to Revolt?” HERE)

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