Unlikely Allies? Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham Join Forces to End the UN’s Taxpayer Gravy Train

Republican offices in the Senate are fully committed to bringing legislation forward to stop full or partial U.S. funding to the United Nations. A bill that withdraws commitments to the U.N., or puts in place conditions for further support, can be expected in the next couple weeks, Senate sources confirmed to Conservative Review.

Senate offices have become irate with the international body’s treatment of the state of Israel in particular. And they have expressed dismay with how the U.N. as a whole has continued to act against American interests.

A bipartisan bill is expected to pass Congress Thursday or Friday condemning the United Nations for its anti-Israel approach. However, to several congressional offices, merely objecting to another wrongful U.N. vote is not enough to change the institution’s tyrannical behavior.

Senators Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. and Ted Cruz, R-Texas are building a coalition to bring forward these efforts on the Senate side. Their offices are currently drafting the legislation, which is expected to be made public in the coming weeks.

Graham and Cruz’s proposal and other defund-U.N. efforts have already received public support from Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., Tom Cotton, R-Ark., Marco Rubio R-Fla., and James Lankford, R-Okla. Additionally, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has supported the dissolution of the U.N. in its entirety.

The move comes after the United Nations decided to pass a late December resolution demonizing Israel, which the Obama administration let through thanks to their abstention at the Security Council. The resolution castigated Israel on “settlements” and falsely claimed that Israel’s holiest sites and cities belonged to Palestinians.

The United Nations costs the American taxpayer over $3 billion a year, not including the hundreds of millions of dollars in lost real estate value on the Manhattan East Side from the U.N. headquarters and countless diplomatic buildings.

“As the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Foreign Operations of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I oversee the United States assistance to the United Nations. The United States is currently responsible for approximately 22 percent of the United Nations total budget,” Sen. Graham said before the resolution, warning there would be severe consequences for the continued bullying of Israel.

“If the United Nations moves forward with the ill-conceived resolution, I will work to form a bipartisan coalition to suspend or significantly reduce United States assistance to the United Nations,” he added.

On the House side, Conservative Review has learned that GOP leadership is discussing with conservative legislators potential strategies that would result in a vote coming to the floor in late January.

Leadership has “made a commitment” to propose additional avenues later in January that will provide more direct pathways toward expressing “Congress’ displeasure with the U.N. action,” a conservative House member tells Conservative Review.

BuzzFeed reports that members of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team have not yet committed one way or another when it comes to U.N. funding. Before the international body voted to condemn Israel, Trump took to Twitter to express his disgust with the U.N., and pledged to have Jerusalem’s back once he got into office. Trump has also been highly critical of the Obama administration’s series of attacks against Israel.

Currently, the United States continues to fund several anti-American U.N. institutions, including UNRWA, which has embedded itself with Palestinian terrorists; UNESCO, which denies Jewish and Christian claims to the Holy Land; and the U.N. Human Rights Council, which has a membership roster that includes the most dictatorial nations in the world. (For more from the author of “Unlikely Allies? Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham Join Forces to End the UN’s Taxpayer Gravy Train” please click HERE)

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