Restoring Liberty BANNED by Google, Suspended by Facebook For Publishing Stories Offending Transvestites, Pedophiles

Well, it finally happened. Restoring Liberty was permanently banished from Google’s ad network. And just days later – this past Saturday – Facebook suspended Restoring Liberty, meaning that for the last several days, we have not been able to post any comments or stories on social media and have lost virtually all Internet revenue since Google’s ban.

So what happened? Was it because Restoring Liberty has been one of the most aggressive sites reporting on the global elites’ pedophilia scandal? Or maybe it’s been our unwillingness to bend on the gay agenda or the whacked-out transvestite mania that’s overcome the country, killing the political careers of folk like Senator Mark Green.

We believe Google’s and Facebook’s adverse action is part of a globalist conspiracy to kill liberty-oriented alternative news sites, especially those that dare to cross the line by criticizing the Elites’ favorite pastime: perversion.

Is this entirely speculation? No, and here’s why. First, although we have almost 45,000 followers on Facebook, for the past four or five months, Facebook has stopped trafficking our posts to over 90% of our followers. That’s why you probably haven’t been seeing our stories in your Facebook feeds like you used to. We’re guessing this has to do with the political filters that Facebook has designed to limit stories it hates, like the DNC email scandal last July (read that story HERE).

But that’s not all. There have been other signs of political censorship. As early as this past August, we told you about Michael Savage being blocked by Facebook for posting news on Islamic crime (read that story HERE). Earlier this year, a Christian mom simply quoted bible verses on homosexuality and was banned by Facebook (read that story HERE).

Of course, Restoring Liberty has been sounding the alarm on the incompatibility of Islam and the Constitution for years. We also haven’t been shy about labeling homosexuality for what it is – perversion. We haven’t really cared much about the radical Facebook censors. We were recently warned over a story (read it HERE) that we put up about Kansas City Catholics disassociating with the Girl Scouts because of their stance on lesbians and transvestites. Facebook promptly deleted the post, apparently lacking toleration for unfavorable news about its favored constituencies: transvestites, homosexuals, and Islamists.

And that’s what got us banned last week. The offending story reported on the transvestite agenda in the United States. Here’s a screenshot of the offending post, as it was sent back to us by Facebook after its censors deleted it and blocked us from the page:

Facebook Post Removed 5-9-17b

So where exactly did we cross the line? After our repeated inquiries, Facebook refused to say, simply maintaining that we didn’t “follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

Again, like Savage’s site and the Christian mom, Restoring Liberty was simply reporting on facts — facts Zuckerburg’s ultra-liberal staff didn’t want to see the light of day. But it’s not just his big government-loving, corporatist-controlled staff that are the problem: as Zuckerberg himself admitted back in December, he is using leftwing sites to filter conservative outlets like Restoring Liberty.

Google has been every bit as bad. We reported in January that Google banned 200 websites from its ad network. We escaped these initial cuts but others, like Alex Jones and Natural News, did not. Since then, Google has come out of the closet, unilaterally labeling stories it dislikes as “Fake News.” Restoring Liberty’s hit came without warning, immediately eliminating its primary source of revenue to pay for Internet hosting fees, the website developer, domain fees, its chief editor, and other costs.

Regrettably, absent readers’ renewed commitment to supporting the website through donations HERE, Restoring Liberty will not be able to continue publishing stories on a daily basis. And, of course, that’s exactly what the globalists want in their efforts to destroy the only remaining free press outlets left in the nation. Please join with us in our fight to restore Liberty.