Obama Admin. Election SCANDAL


Toobin’s take … Shortly after the public testimony of James Comey ended, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin casually dropped a bomb, without evidence. Toobin said that President Donald Trump was under criminal investigation. He is pretty much the only one saying that, and he didn’t say why he thinks that. Nothing in the Comey testimony confirmed it. Take a deeper look

Dershowitz slams pundits like Toobin … For a few weeks, liberal law professor and ardent constitutionalist Alan Dershowitz has been trying to explain that the president has the legal authority to stop any investigation. Comey reluctantly admitted as much during his testimony yesterday. Now Dershowitz is taking a victory lap of sorts and admonishing those who are pushing a false narrative.

Media won’t cover Lynch bombshell … CNN’s John King admitted that the bombshell testimony of James Comey — that Loretta Lynch allegedly intervened in the server investigation on behalf of Hillary Clinton — won’t get much coverage. King said that “this won’t get much attention because it’s in the rearview mirror …” Our friends at NewsBusters have the full story.


He thought it was manga … Vanity Fair’s Kurt Eichenwald got caught with his cyber pants down. When he tweeted a photo including a browser tab with “hentai” on it, instead of coming clean, he chose to blame his kids. His story was that he was merely trying to show his wife that people look at deviant things with tentacles, and he did it for his kids because their mom wouldn’t believe them. Sometimes it is best to stop digging, Kurt.

It couldn’t be the Obama administration … NYT editor Jonathan Weisman tweeted out that “Comey says Attorney General Sessions told him not to call Russia probe an investigation but a ‘matter.’ Led him to step away from DOJ.” Which is completely opposite to what Comey actually said. It was Loretta Lynch who told Comey to call the Clinton server investigation a “matter.” Another instance of the media acting “without evidence.”

Marc Ambinder not much better … Former White House correspondent and current Annenberg Media fellow Marc Ambinder tweeted about the Lynch admission. But he left out a lot of detail. Here’s the tweet where he said, “The AG asked him to call it a ‘matter,’ not an investigation.” Um … Marc, which AG, and which matter?

All the news fit to tweet … I know you were breathlessly wanting to know if Trump broke his own record for not tweeting. Well, probably not. But the Washington Post’s Philip Bump thought you wanted to know, so he tweeted it. I’ll let you go straight to the record by clicking to see Bump’s tweet. File under “yawn.”

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