Prostitutes Panicking Over Loss of Obamacare Coverage, Lobby Senate

Adding a voice to the chorus against the Republican-led American Health Care Act is a group not usually heard on protest frontlines: prostitutes.

Licensed prostitutes in Nevada, working in legal brothels, are organizing against legislation they say will devastate them, other prostitutes across the nation and their families.

With Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), now under threat of being repealed and replaced, “thousands of prostitutes nationwide were, for the first time, able to obtain affordable health care insurance for themselves and their families,” said a press release issued Thursday.

So, dubbing itself “Hookers for Health Care,” this group plans to go “on a political offensive … lobbying politicians, protesting in the streets, and waging battle on social media to stop the Republican effort.” (Read more from “Prostitutes Panicking Over Loss of Obamacare Coverage, Lobby Senate” HERE)

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