US-India Could Be World’s Next Great Global Partnership

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump will meet for the first time on Monday. Their conversation will set the tone for future U.S.-India relations.

Currently, U.S.-India relations are on a positive trajectory, and this meeting gives Trump the opportunity to reaffirm that.

The Heritage Foundation has laid out some top priorities for the head of states’ conversation:

The United States’ previous policy toward India has centered on the country remaining strong.

A strong India provides for more regional stability and in turn strengthens U.S.-India relations. Trump has the opportunity to affirm the need for India’s continued growth and stability in today’s meeting. He and Modi also have the opportunity to discuss expanding the strategic relationship to include Japan and Australia.

In 2007, foreign officials from each respective country met to discuss a future quadrilateral partnership. Trump and Modi can reopen this possibility.

Issues of U.S.-India trade relations and investment along with security issues in Afghanistan and Pakistan are also priorities for the conversation.

Finally, Trump and Modi can discuss the United States and India’s abilities for further cooperation on cybersecurity and defense.

A strong U.S.-India relationship is vital for not only America’s international interests, but also for the stability of the region. Trump and Modi have the opportunity to continue and expand on this positive relationship with their meeting Monday and relationship going forward. (For more from the author of “US-India Could Be World’s Next Great Global Partnership” please click HERE)

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