‘Gays’ Still Trying to Punish Marriage-Defending Clerk Kim Davis

Lawyers for Rowan, Kentucky, County Clerk Kim Davis suspected that the complaints a couple of years ago from homosexuals that she wouldn’t issue marriage licenses to same-sex duos was a deliberate attack on a Christian and the Christian faith.

After all, the “gays” were being treated equally with all others, as Davis stopped issuing all marriage licenses when the Supreme Court created same-sex “marriage,” and the state legislature had not yet had time to craft accommodations for officials with religious beliefs . . .

Her lawyers, at that time, noted a recurring theme in court filings from homosexuals – punish Kim Davis.

“The plaintiffs are showing their true colors in this latest filing,” Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel, which was representing Davis, challenged at the time.

“It has never really been about a marriage license – Rowan County has issued the licenses – it is about forcing their will on a Christian woman through contempt-of-court charges, jail and monetary sanctions. Kim wouldn’t give up the job she loves, so the plaintiffs are asking the court to put the county office into receivership – removing Kim from doing her job.” (Read more from “‘Gays’ Still Trying to Punish Marriage-Defending Clerk Kim Davis” HERE)

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