Homegrown Islamic Terror Suspect Caught With Dozens of Firearms

A man with links to a U.S.-based Muslim organization suspected of terror links was arrested in Johnson City, New York, after police discovered a massive weapons cache inside a storage locker he was renting.

Ramadan Abdullah, 64, an associate of the cult-like Muslims of America, or MOA, was arrested after attempting to steal ammunition from a local store. Police grew suspicious when questioning Abdullah and later obtained a warrant to search his rented storage locker.

The locker contained an alarming assortment of both arms and armor, including eight assault weapons, four loaded handguns, one loaded shotgun, two rifles, 64 high-capacity ammunition feeding devices, flak jackets and thousands of rounds of ammunition, according to to the Broome County District Attorney’s Office.

Additional search warrants on other properties linked to Abdullah resulted in the seizure of another loaded handgun and some ammunition.

Abdullah has been charged with four counts of criminal possession of a weapon, second degree; one count of criminal possession of a weapon, third degree; and criminal possession of stolen property, fifth degree. (Read more from “Homegrown Islamic Terror Suspect Caught With Dozens of Firearms” HERE)

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