Muslims Say Anti-Shariah Ruling ‘Will Not Be Followed’

Muslims leaders in India say they will not abide by the Indian Supreme Court’s ban of the quickie divorces allowed under Islamic law.

“If a law is made which is against Shariah, then it will be unacceptable to us. And like such other laws, it too will meet the same fate that it will remain a law but will not be followed,” said Muhammad Saeed Noori, the general secretary of the Mumbai-based Raza Academy.

Syed Parvez Qaisar, a leader of the Muslim League, called it “interference” in Muslim law . . .

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of India “delivered a landmark verdict invalidating the practice of instant triple talaq (divorce) among Indian Muslims,” MEMRI said. “The verdict is a milestone in the journey of the Muslim women’s rights movement in India. Prior to this decision, a Muslim husband could divorce his wife by uttering ‘talaq’ three times in the presence of two witnesses in one sitting – either informally or formally through a letter, email, WhatsApp, and so on.

“This instant form of divorce is called talaq-e-biddat, is irrevocable, and is valid in Shariah law. The other form of triple talaq is called talaq-e-hasan, whereby a husband delivers one talaq each over the course of three months,” the report said. (Read more from “Muslims Say Anti-Shariah Ruling ‘Will Not Be Followed'” HERE)

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