Explosive: The Insidious Roots of Campus ‘Safe Spaces’

“Safe spaces.” “Speech codes.” “Consciousness raising.”

These are the slogans and catchphrases of the modern politically correct campus. For most Americans, they are simply expressions of political correctness run wild or of overly sensitive students being coddled. And while such developments might seem silly or stupid, most people certainly don’t regard them as dangerous . . .

Those behind this bizarre “new” phenomenon, Kengor shows in “The Marxist roots of the ‘safe spaces’ movement,” have drawn their influence from thinkers from the farthest reaches of the political Left, including:

Michel Foucault, an important theorist of the New Left, author of “A History of Sexuality” – and also a drug-obsessed homosexual and member of the French Communist Party;

Bell Hooks, a cultural Marxist, who worked to promote the idea of “education for critical consciousness,” which transforms the purpose of education from the transmission of knowledge and tradition, to turning students into agents of “deconstruction”;

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