Teacher to ‘Hail Satan,’ Pastor Vows Sledgehammer

A South Florida middle-school teacher is again igniting rage among local Christians by planning a satanic display encouraging children to “hail Satan” in a public city park during the upcoming Christmas season.

Preston Smith, a language-arts teacher at Boca Raton Community Middle School, is looking to erect a giant, 300-pound metal pentagram with messages including: “May the Children Hail Satan,” “In Satan We Trust” and “One Nation under Antichrist.”

But one local pastor is vowing to personally demolish the display with a sledgehammer.

“In essence they’re putting out a welcome mat for Satan,” Pastor Mark Boykin, of the Church of All Nations in Boca Raton told WPEC-TV.

“I think this is reprehensible. I think it’s an insult to our city. … It’s evil, it’s the essence of evil. I will take the responsibility for taking the sledgehammer and knocking it down.” (Read more from “Teacher to ‘Hail Satan,’ Pastor Vows Sledgehammer” HERE)

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