Rock Throwing ‘Teens’ Kill Man on Interstate

Authorities say several teens are in custody and being questioned in connection to the throwing of a rock off an I-75 overpass which killed a 32-year-old Michigan man.

Kenneth Andrew White, 32, of Mount Morris Township, was in a van Wednesday heading south on I-75 when the windshield was struck by a large rock in Vienna Township, police said. The rock went through the windshield and hit White, who was in the passenger seat. He was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Authorities said four other cars were struck with large rocks and were waiting for police to arrive when the van was hit. No other injuries were reported.

Officials said it’s been an intense homicide investigation. They are asking for information from anyone who has heard anything about the incident. (Read more from “Rock Throwing Teens Kill Man on Interstate” HERE)

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