Boy’s $3 Donation to Trump Gets Him Surprise Gift

A boy in Tennessee received an unexpected surprise after a stranger learned of his donation to President Trump.

Shortly after Inauguration Day, Eli’sha Davies, 9, learned that the president was taking a big salary cut in his new job. So he decided to send him $3 to help him pay his bills, WGRZ reported . . .

But Davies’ mother told reporters that the money was actually meant to go towards a new mandolin the boy had been saving for, WGRZ reported. But he was having trouble because he kept finding people he thought needed the money more than he did, like the president.

The Young Musicians Education Foundation Inc. is a local charity that helps kids get access to instruments who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them, WGRZ reported.

When John Wildeman, the president of the Foundation, heard about Davies’ story, he decided that he wanted to help out, so he gifted him the mandolin he wanted. (Read more from “Boy’s $3 Donation to Trump Gets Him Surprise Gift” HERE)

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