Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Own Biological Son

A woman who gave birth to her own child at the same time as she delivered a surrogate baby has been reunited with her son after a long legal battle.

“I was heartbroken knowing I carried a baby I didn’t know was mine and that he was taken from me without my knowledge and was in the arms of other people where he did not belong,” Jessica Allen told The Independent.

The 31-year-old had decided to undergo a commercial surrogacy so that she could put the money towards a deposit on a home with her partner Wardell Jasper, 34.

The practice is legal in California where they live and Ms Allen, who already had two children of her own, agreed a fee of $35,000 (£26,600) to give birth to another woman’s child.

But after undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF), doctors told Ms Allen she was carrying two baby boys. (Read more from “Surrogate Mom Gives Birth to Own Biological Son” HERE)

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