Conflicting Accounts on How Border Agent Died

. . .More than a week after border patrol agent Rogelio Martinez was mortally wounded — and days after his burial — Martinez’s family still has no idea how he died.

Several officials have called the west Texas incident an “attack” or “ambush.” President Donald Trump cited it as a reason to build his border wall.

Culberson County Sheriff Oscar Carrillo told CNN he arrived at the scene and helped attend to Martinez, who was alive at that point and in the culvert. He said the scene didn’t look like one of an attack or ambush, and to suggest so, as some people have, is “very premature.”

Carrillo had earlier told The Dallas Morning News the injuries may be consistent with a fall into the culvert where Martinez and his partner were found. (Read more from “Conflicting Accounts on How Border Agent Died” HERE)

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