Congressman Calls Absentee Fathers a National Crisis

America is becoming a land of absentee fathers and it is leaving generations of children unfamiliar with what a good dad looks like, and Rep. Bill Johnson says that is a national crisis that must be addressed.

The Ohio Republican is the author of “Raising Fathers: How Nurturing and Encouraging Fatherhood Helps Strengthen Families and Our Nation.”

The intensely personal book includes many stories of Johnson growing up in what he calls a dysfunctional family as well as his candid insights into the end of his first marriage and the unplanned pregnancy of his unwed daughter.

Recent government statistics show roughly half of all Americans births now occur outside of marriages. The out-of-wedlock birthrate in the black community is around 70 percent. For white Americans, the rate is near 40 percent.

Johnson says he wrote the book because countless young people are deeply deprived without a loving, stable father in the home. (Read more from “Congressman Calls Absentee Fathers a National Crisis” HERE)

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