‘Cruella De Vil’ Dog Breeder Accused of Abusing 75 Great Danes

A ‘perfect storm’ of injury, staff shortages, a booming dog population and a sweltering heatwave caused the conditions that led police to raid the home of the so-called ‘Cruella de Vil’ dog breeder, she claimed in court on Tuesday.

And she said the only reason that cops found the floors of the house covered in dog poop was because European Great Danes react badly when confronted by large groups of unknown men.

‘They will circle around and within minutes explosive diarrhea will ensue,’ Christina Fay told the court in Ossipee, New Hampshire. ‘If they are kept in that situation this will continue until they have emptied their guts.’

Fay defended the care she gave the 75 European Great Danes that lived in her 13-bedroom home while attacking cops and animal welfare groups for seizing her pets.

But she admitted that in the days leading up to the raid, many of her dogs were kept in cages without food or water for 30 straight hours as the crisis within the house worsened, a situation she felt ‘horrible’ about. (Read more from “‘Cruella De Vil’ Dog Breeder Accused of Abusing 75 Great Danes” HERE)

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