Trophy Hunter Slammed for Rare Snow Leopard Kill

A picture of a hunter grinning broadly with a dead snow leopard slung over his shoulders has prompted a now-viral online petition calling for him to be “brought to justice.”

American trophy hunter Hossein Golabchi, nicknamed “Soudy,” is seen in a photo that has been circulating on social media, posing with the dead endangered animal with two shots in its hind leg. Golabchi, who is originally from Iran, is believed to have killed the animal in central Asia.

The Care2 petition was launched by Amanda W. of TERA International (Tiger Exotic Animal Ranger Awareness), an organization focusing on the preservation of exotic animals. Amanda started the petition on International Snow Leopard Day 2017 in hopes that “by International Snow Leopard Day 2018 [Golabchi] is brought to justice,” the petition says.

Amanda points out in the petition that, “There’s nowhere in the entire Western Hemisphere (and the rest of the world) that allows anyone to go into Central Asia to ‘trophy hunt’ a snow leopard.” (Read more from “Trophy Hunter Slammed for Rare Snow Leopard Kill” HERE)

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