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We rarely ask for funding but, to be frank, your dollars are critical if we are going to continue our publishing work. You see, powerful financial forces have declared TOTAL WAR on anti-Establishment websites like ours. Unbelievably, Google stripped Restoring Liberty of all of its ad revenue earlier this year, leaving the website deeply in the red.

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To make matters worse, Facebook is doing the same thing. Zuckerberg has adjusted his algorithm to destroy conservative websites. For example, we have over 45,000 followers on Facebook and, after Trump’s victory this past November, Facebook’s trafficking of our average post now only reaches between 1 and 2 percent of those followers! Zuckerberg and his big government pals will do anything to prevent a repeat of the last election.

What does that make me do? Work harder than ever before to reach liberty-loving Americans like you with news they generally won’t see in the MSM. We will continue to slam the Establishment – Republican and Democrat alike – to rescue our nation from tyranny. But this is only possible with your help.

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Incredibly, despite this onslaught of Establishment attacks, Restoring Liberty remains among the top 100 conservative sites in the nation and the top political site in Alaska. Our editors and I remain committed to this excellence, but we cannot continue our efforts alone.

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