Egypt Document Reveals Muslim Brotherhood Links

Egypt has handed to the United Kingdom a new document that proves the Muslim Brotherhood’s implication in the terrorist attacks that took place in London.

Britain is anticipated to reach a firm decision in regards to designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group in the first half of 2018, a high-ranking source revealed exclusively to Egypt Today on Sunday.

The source stated that this document disclosed that the Muslim Brotherhood has exploited charitable organizations in London to send money to Egyptian groups in Syria and these groups came back from Syria to Sinai to purchase weapons and carry out terrorist operations against the Egyptian armed forces there.

The document included a new revelation that the Brotherhood had plans to launch attacks targeting foreign embassies in Egypt including the British Embassy.

According to the document, the Brotherhood has submitted a number of requests to establish charitable organizations in London but these requests were recently rejected after finding out that supporting terrorism is the Brotherhood’s true aim, and is why they demand to open charities and fundraising organizations. Further requests were then turned down until their real activities in Britain are examined. (Read more from “Egypt Document Reveals Muslim Brotherhood Links” HERE)

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