Fire Chief Was Wrongly Fired for Supporting Biblical Marriage

This time last year A Charlie Brown Christmas was being censored in schools and former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was still waiting for justice after being wrongly fired for expressing his religious beliefs about marriage.

But this year is looking up – both for the Christmas classic and for Chief Cochran.

Chief Cochran was fired by the city in 2015 in violation of his constitutional rights. He brought a federal civil rights suit against the city of Atlanta for his unjust termination.

I had the privilege of representing Chief Cochran before a federal district court last month, asking that it uphold his right to free speech. The government cannot force its employees to get permission before engaging in free speech. After all, free speech is not really free if you have to get City permission for it.

Thankfully, the court ruled December 20 that the City of Atlanta’s actions were unconstitutional. (Read more from “Fire Chief Was Wrongly Fired for Supporting Biblical Marriage” HERE)

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