Gone With the Wind: Los Angeles Burns

Drivers on their way to work in Los Angeles were faced with terrifying scenes along a major freeway after the fifth California wildfire this week left the hillside next to their road ablaze.

The inferno – named the Skirball Fire – has consumed more than 50 acres of land and threatens LA’s exclusive Bel Air neighborhood, UCLA and the Getty Center for the arts alongside the I-405 freeway.

The freeway is now shut down as 125 firefighters and several helicopters attempt to get the blaze under control – but early-morning commuters managed to capture this stunning footage.

As they traveled gingerly passed the ferocious fire, their cars passed just feet away from the deadly – and ever-spreading – flames.

Several people captured the surreal moment on video and shared them on social media. (Read more from “Gone With the Wind: Los Angeles Burns” HERE)

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