Hyped Mueller Charges Show… Gen. Flynn Acted in U.S. Interests

On Friday, former national security adviser Michael Flynn pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI about conversations he had with the former Russian ambassador to the U.S., which occurred after Donald Trump was elected president.

Prosecutors say Flynn was not forthcoming about two discussions he had with the Russian ambassador. The first involved sanctions on Russia, while the second was about an anti-Israel resolution that the Obama administration abstained from.

There’s a lot of hysteria from the left-wing legacy media figures and former Obama officials surrounding these latest charges. But, in the end, Flynn conducted himself as any incoming national security adviser would, and he acted within U.S. national interests in doing so. Here’s what the charges actually amount to …

Contacting foreign governments during the transition is not illegal or unusual

Both Flynn and the prosecution has stated that the events in question occurred in December 2016, after Donald Trump’s election and during the transition period.

It’s unclear why Flynn allegedly misled the FBI here, but it makes sense that the incoming president wanted to open up a dialogue with Russia prior to his first day in office. There is nothing criminal about this action, and in fact, it’s common precedent for an incoming administration to want to engage a great power on the issues. Flynn is reportedly going to testify that he was ordered to reached out to the Russians to see if there was the potential to partner against the ISIS terror group.

Beginning your foreign policy agenda on day one in the Oval Office is a bad idea. There’s a reason why the post-election stage is called the “lame duck” period for an outgoing president. Once elected, the incoming president drives the domestic and foreign policy agenda items that will come up during their tenure.

Flynn should be applauded for trying to save Israel from Obama and the U.N. goons

The second series of charges listed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is centered around an anti-Israel United Nations resolution that the Obama administration let pass through by abstaining from the vote. The resolution condemned Israel and declared that ancient Jewish land and other contested areas belonged to the Palestinians.

According to the charges, Flynn contacted the Russians to see if they would be willing to vote against the resolution. The New York Times reports that Team Trump got involved after the Israelis called and asked for help on the matter.

Flynn’s actions on this front are not scandalous. In fact, he should be praised for trying to save our greatest ally in the Middle East from Obama and the United Nations’ bullying. Unfortunately, the Russians ultimately decided not to vote against the resolution.

There’s still ZERO evidence of Trump-Russia collusion

As CRTV White House correspondent Jon Miller explains, the latest charges are entirely based on events that occurred during the transition period.

Hysterical screeds from prominent members of the Left continue to accuse the president of colluding with the Russian government to win the election. But now, almost one full year into the Trump presidency, not a single piece of evidence has surfaced to show that any such collusion ever occurred.

Speculation that Flynn “flipped” is mere opinion, not fact

To rationalize the fact that the charges against Gen. Flynn are very much inconsequential to what Mueller is supposed to be investigating, many on the Left have become convinced that prosecutors are on the precipice of taking down the president — because Flynn has “flipped” to Mueller’s side.

This analysis is based on blind speculation, not fact. It’s possible that, quite simply, Mueller does not have much to work with in his crusade against the administration.

In the end, the “bombshell” here is that Michael Flynn misled the FBI regarding actions he took that were not only entirely legal, but also as part of an effort to advance American interests. (For more from the author of “Hyped Mueller Charges Show… Gen. Flynn Acted in U.S. Interests” please click HERE)

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