Mueller Probe ‘as Partisan a Hack Job as I’ve Ever Seen’

LevinTV host Mark Levin began his radio show Tuesday highlighting the extreme bias of “special impeachment counsel” Robert Mueller in his investigation of alleged Russia collusion in the 2016 election.

“This is as partisan a hack job as I’ve ever seen,” Levin commented, reacting to the revelations that several members of Mueller’s team have had a great anti-Trump bias. “Mr. Mueller is completely out of control. Mr. Mueller is a hack — I don’t care if he’s registered as a Republican or not. What does that have to do with anything?”

Levin reminded his audience that when Mueller was first nominated for FBI director, one of his “primary sponsors” was former California Sen. Barbara Boxer, known for her far-left stances and ideology.

“He’s hired a bunch of hacks,” Levin said of Mueller and his special counsel team. “Disgusting left-wing pukes.”

Levin also discussed the breaking Judicial Watch story regarding another top Mueller deputy, prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, who cheered on former administration official Sally Yates in her efforts to fight President Trump’s agenda. Listen:

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