Olympics: Fresh Push to Allow Men to Compete as Women

The International Olympic Committee is being asked to reverse its decision to let men compete in women’s events . . .

The article explains what happens when gender is “deemed a social construct that is totally disconnected from our biology.”

The request to the IOC has been made by the non-profit 4 Winds Christian Athletics, which pointed out that transgender Tiffany Abreu, 33, is playing on a top women’s volleyball team in Brazil and “is on track to compete at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.”

“Abreu went through hormonal treatment to control testosterone levels and had sex reassignment surgery,” the ministry said. “And as of 2016, Olympic athletes no longer have to have reassignment surgery but just must keep their testosterone levels under 10 nanamoles through hormonal treatment.”

4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey said that as the 2020 Olympics approach, there are transgender athletes competing as females that could impact various sports. (Read more from “Olympics: Fresh Push to Allow Men to Compete as Women” HERE)

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