Cops Settle Case After Injuring Man Who Refused Warrantless Search

Deputies in a Texas county have settled a lawsuit brought against them for injuring a man who refused them permission for a warrantless search of his home after he told the officers the person they sought wasn’t there.

The deputies didn’t believe the homeowner, Huntly Dantzler, but it turned out he was right.

Before they discovered Dantzler was telling the truth, however, they handcuffed him, threw him to the ground and arrested for him refusing to give consent. The officers then coerced his wife, Susan Dantzler, to allow one of them to conduct the warrantless search.

After a judge ruled that at least some of the couple’s claims were valid and would require a trial, the deputies agreed to a settlement, the terms of which were not disclosed.

Earlier, a ruling from U.S. District Judge David Ezra left charges standing against the officers. (Read more from “Cops Settle Case After Injuring Man Who Refused Warrantless Search” HERE)

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