Homosexuals Lash out at Prayer, Call It the Ultimate ‘Conversion Therapy’

A woman who testified of her departure from a “wild” life as a lesbian through prayer after joining a Bible study is being blasted by a writer for the London Guardian newspaper.

“Prayer,” concludes a dismissive Josiah Hesse in the Guardian, apparently has become a new form of the much-maligned “conversion therapy.”

The reaction was prompted by a video of Emily Thomes’ testimony released by Anchored North, an evangelical media company . . .

While packaged similar to pro-LGBT marketing campaigns, Thomes’ message is that a person can be freed from same-sex attractions through the power of Jesus Christ.

Hesse then seeks out the spokeswoman of a homosexual-rights campaign who “speaks out against the dangers of conversion therapy.” (Read more from “Homosexuals Lash out at Prayer, Call It the Ultimate ‘Conversion Therapy'” HERE)

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