Look What’s Written on $1,000 Bonuses to Employees

The CEO of a software-development firm issued $1,000 bonuses to his employees with a notation in the memo on each check “Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act.”

Sheldon Wolf of Tampa-based Spellex told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning he was inspired by news that companies such as AT&T and Bank of America were giving $1,000 bonuses to their employees.

Photo Credit: Washington Examiner

“I wanted to do it because I’m excited about the new tax plan from Trump and the GOP, and I wanted to ‘share the wealth,’ as they say,” Wolf explained.

More than 50 companies have announced employee bonuses and/or wage increases in response to the bill’s tax cuts. Last Thursday, the nation’s largest private employer, Walmart, announced it was raising its minimum hourly wage and handing out bonuses of up to $1,000.

Wolf noted his employees are mostly “Generation Xers and Milennials” who are “not particularly into politics.” (Read more from “Look What’s Written on $1,000 Bonuses to Employees” HERE)

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