Teen in Shock: Attacked in Nightclub After Rejecting Groper

A Swedish teenager was attacked at a nightclub after turning away a man who groped her, leaving her face badly bloodied as shown in horrifying snapshots that soon went viral.

Sophie Johansson, 19, was partying at Babel in Malmö on Saturday night when an unknown man on the dance floor pulled on her bag. She told Swedish outlet Aftonbladet that when she turned around, the man grabbed her butt and between her legs. She then says she hit him to get him to stop, but he punched her in the face.

Hoping to avoid a further escalation, Johansson and her friend decided to leave — but as she was on her way out, she says the man struck her over the head with a bottle.

Graphic photos of Johansson show her face and chest covered in blood from where the bottle struck the left side of her face. She was soon brought to a hospital, where she received several stitches.

Police have yet to identify the man, whom Johansson described to the paper as being around 25 years old, 5-foot-7, with a muscular build. She also said he had dark hair and wore a dark long-sleeve shirt. Law enforcement chose not to open an investigation since the man is unknown, but is asking for tips from anyone who saw what happened. (Read more from “Teen in Shock: Attack in Nightclub After Rejecting Groper” HERE)

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