Get Killed or Get Arrested: What Is Happening Outside the White House?

It’s a startling contrast that leaves a grieving family wanting answers: Why did federal authorities fire as many as 20 shots at an unarmed black mother with no criminal history who made a wrong turn into a White House gate – killing her in front of her toddler – and later take an armed white woman, who was a known security threat, into custody without firing a single shot?

Jessica Ford, 35, was arrested Feb. 23 after she intentionally rammed a White House security barrier with her white Chevy minivan. When Secret Service officers attempted to stop her, she reversed and struck the barrier two more times.

Authorities said she had a pistol in her hand while she was driving, though the firearm was reportedly pointed away from officers. When ordered to drop her weapon multiple times, Ford wouldn’t comply. So officers forcibly confiscated the weapon, which turned out to be a BB gun that resembled a Beretta 9 mm pistol. They pulled Ford through the driver’s side window and placed her in handcuffs – all without a single shot fired . . .

Carey – who had her 14-month-old daughter strapped into the back seat of her black Nissan Infiniti – had mistakenly driven up to a White House guard post and tried to make a U-turn so she could leave. Secret Service agents tried to stop her from leaving.

When Carey departed the post, federal officers pursued her, ultimately shooting her five times from behind in a volley of 18 bullets at the conclusion of a car chase. Carey died at the scene. Her daughter wasn’t harmed. (Read more from “Get Killed or Get Arrested: What Is Happening Outside the White House?” HERE)

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