‘Insensitive’ Black History Month Meal Sparks Outrage, Firing

Two Aramark employees have been fired by the food service after preparing a meal at NYU during Black History Month that was deemed racially “insensitive.” Reports suggest that the employees are African-American, though Aramark has not confirmed details about the ethnicity of the fired employees.

According to CBS News, the two employees were fired as a result of a complaint by a sophomore, who says she confronted the head cook about the “racially insensitive” meal but was “lied to” and ultimately “ignored.” The meal, the student claimed in a Facebook post, consisted of barbecue ribs, collard greens, watermelon-flavored water, Kool-Aid, and mac and cheese.

“Sophomore Nia Harris, who is black, said the head cook dismissed her objections and told her black employees planned the menu,” reports CBS News. “She posted about the menu and her experience on Facebook, saying she ‘was lied to, placated, and ignored.'”

“This is what it’s like to be a black student at New York University,” Nia wrote in her Facebook post. “You go to a dining hall during February and you see ‘Black History Month Meal’ plastered outside the entrance. You walk inside the dining hall only to find ribs, collard greens, and mac and cheese.

“In 2018 I literally had to explain why displaying watermelon and koolaid in celebration of Black History Month was not only racially insensitive but just ignorant.” (Read more from “‘Insensitive’ Black History Month Meal Sparks Outrage, Firing” HERE)

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