Loretta Lynch Used Fake Name as Attorney General

A prominent Washington watchdog is asking just how many Obama administration officials hid behind fake names while they worked for the U.S. government, after discovering that Loretta Lynch sometimes wasn’t Loretta Lynch – for email purposes – while she was attorney general.

She was Elizabeth Carlisle . . .

The group was pursuing information about the United Nations’ questionable Strong Cities Network when senior counsel Vanessa Brinkman of the Department of Justice responded with some information and an explanation.

“For your information, emails in the enclosed documents which use the account name ‘Elizabeth Carlisle’ denote emails to or from former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s official Department of Justice email account. Mrs. Lynch’s official email account did not use her name, in order to protect her security and privacy and enable her to conduct department business efficiently via email,” the letter said.

Judicial Watch said that as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, Lynch, Barack Obama’s second attorney general, “skirted public-records laws by using the alias Elizabeth Carlisle in emails she sent from her official DOJ account.” (Read more from “Loretta Lynch Used Fake Name as Attorney General” HERE)

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