U.S. Winter Olympics 2018 Medal Winners

From the only triple axel landed by a female American Olympic skater to the first men’s single medal for USA Luge at the Games, U.S. athletes are making history in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Athletes from 92 nations are fiercely competing for a chance to stand on those coveted Olympic podiums in Pyeongchang, South Korea. There are 15 different sporting activities and a total of 102 events . . .

Team USA’s Jamie Anderson took home the gold in the 2018 Winter Games after she performed in less-than-perfect weather conditions . . .

The conditions for the men’s snowboard slopestyle were less than ideal, but 17-year-old Red Gerard made it through the swirling winds to capture the United States’ first gold medal of the 2018 Olympics.

At 17, Chloe Kim became the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal during the Winter Games. Kim dominated two amazing runs on the women’s snowboard halfpipe, earning her the first place spot on the medal podium. (Read more from “U.S. Winter Olympics 2018 Medal Winners” HERE)

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