Airline Sending Employees to Compassion Training

. . .The airline recently rolled out a new program called “core4.” Thousands of employees will go through an ambitious four-hour training session that aims to teach workers to be efficient (think on-time departures), ensure operations are safe and do it all with a smile.

Airlines face near-instant backlash from consumers as on-board incidents go viral thanks to ubiquitous smartphones.

United was embroiled in a public relations disaster last year when passenger David Dao was violently dragged off a flight to make room for a commuting crew member. Its handling of the incident, including a botched apology, drew further ire on social media.

As it is trying to improve its image and how employees treat customers, United is also trying to remain as efficient as possible to convince skeptical investors that it can grow its operations and expand profit margins.

Roughly 30,000 customer-facing employees such as flight attendants will be required to take the course. Core4 draws its name from the four characteristics: caring, safe, dependable and efficient. (Read more from “Airline Sending Employees to Compassion Training” HERE)

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